What led me to Smart India Hackathon? Part-I

Being from a tier-III college of Bihar , my college didn’t have a good enviroment of coding and competitions in a healthy way so there were lesser chances that SIH would end up being my insane dream which i wanted to do anything for. So the story started like this:

It was a normal day when my holidays(of college) were going on and i was just exploring something when i got to know about a winning team whose winning story over some paper cutting drove my insane interest into it. So finding the keyword , I started surfing all the sources available on internet to know as much as about Smart India Hackathon and after all this research i just wanted to be in that winning story next year anyhow.

So this was how it became one of the important things i had to accomplish in my college.

Smart India Hackathon is a nationwide competition in which Industries , ministries all over India propose real-world problems and teams all over India propose solutions over them.

It was December when I got to know that the problem statements of Smart India Hackathon was released and that was when my Semester exams were going on but I was hell curious about this so i sat down and started analysing the problem statements on the basis of my skills and started looking upon to next steps for this.

So this was all about my story of what led me to Smart India Hackathon.

Will be publishing about “How i got to SIH Grand Finals” Super soon . Next parts will be super intersting to read . Stay tuned ;)

Happy HACKING :)

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